NESUGAR LIGHT – Cane Syrup + Stevia Blend, 2X sweeter for ½ the calories of added sugar, Bag - in - Box

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NESUGAR LIGHT is a delicious blend of Cane Sugar Syrup (Invert) and natural Stevia Leaf extracts. The sweetening power of Stevia makes Nesugar Light 2X (two times) sweeter than sucrose, which allows for at least 50% reduction of added sugars in food and beverage recipes and formulations, and at least 10% reduction of sweetening costs, without sacrificing the taste or quality of the food and beverages consumers love. Nesugar Light is FREE of artificial sweeteners and HFCS, is OU Kosher Certified, and suitable for Vegan and Gluten-Free products.

Request quote for other packaging formats including 44 Lb. and 55 Lb. Bag-in-Box, as well as 3,040 Lb. IBC Totes.